Arthur Blank is leading the Falcons into another season of futility

The New Orleans Saints and they’re continuous winning ways apparently isn’t enough motivation for the Falcons or their owner. In the latest chapter of the Falcons’ “we wish we were the Saints” saga Falcons’ owner  Arthur Blank  has taken issue with his team.

In the Falcons first game of the season last year  Saints safety Kenny Vaccaro was flagged for a ‘cheap’ shot on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Falcons owner Arthur Blank is still mad about that hit and the failed reaction from the Falcons.

Blank told 680 The Fan that he was upset that not a single one of  Ryan’s teammates said anything to Vaccaro his cheap shot. Blank went on to say that the Falcons need to be tougher than they showed last season.

The Falcons have made a point of making this play a centerpiece for their off-season focus.  Apparently going third in the NFC South and having their worst season since 2007 isn’t enough to raise the ire of Arthur Blank.  The lack of “toughness”  by  Ryan’s teammates  is what concerns Blank the most? Explain that me please,  Mr.  Home Depot is more worried about a play from week one than the season as a whole?  Not the fact the Falcons failed to reach their lofty expectations, not the fact they failed to beat their hated rivals twice but, this questionable cheap shot on their failing to deliver quarterback.  Will it be a surprise to anyone this season when the Falcons fail to produce again when the their front office isn’t focusing on the draft? I think not.

Screw the Saints says the NFL


3 thoughts on “Arthur Blank is leading the Falcons into another season of futility

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  2. Let’s give them something to talk about …
    That one hit left the Falcons hanging all season long and we didn’t even know until the Blank spoke up … LOL !!! We are dat good … Geaux Saints !!!


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