Sean Payton: A Player’s Coach & A Fan’s Dream

Sean Payton

In the madness of the NFL Playoffs a lot can be forgotten or pushed aside in the name of business and the game. The players and coaches all have routines they want (have to) go through on game day. Hundreds of fans travel following the team they love. Some are able to make it to almost every game while others make one a year.  In an opposing team’s stadium it’s easy to imagine that a coach wouldn’t be able to make time to thank the traveling fans.


Donald Silcio (Gametime) showing his support in Philly

Sean Payton wouldn’t be that coach. Donald Silcio is a dedicated fan who not only tries to make every home game but, tries his best to find the airport terminal when he can. Donald’s alter ego at games is known as Gametime. You may have seen him on TV all decked out in the Saints uniform with his face painted.  Many dedicated fans Donald included don’t expect anything for their commitment and dedication to their teams. That’s why what happened to Donald all the sweeter.

Last night  before the Saints game there were a bunch of Saints fans with field passes walking up the stairs in Donald’s section.  Then to Donald’s surprise one  of them handed him their pass. I’ll let Donald tell you the rest.


The smallest gesture goes the longest way

“I got to go down on the field and see the team practicing. I was hollering who Dat to the players and letting them know the Who Dat Nation was here. All of a sudden coach Payton comes running to me embraces me with a handshake and hug and tells me I’m glad ya’ll here! and tosses me the towel they were using to dry the balls with. How awesome is that?”

Pretty Awesome if you ask me. In a game that will standout on the résumé of Sean Payton he did the unthinkable. He took time out of his pregame preparations to personally thank the fans that support him. Yep, that’s our coach.  Fans like Donald are our fans and we are the Who Dat Nation.

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