The Real Lombardi Gras Already Rolled


The word on the streets  around New Orleans is that  out of towers and media folks alike are dubbing this Mardi Gras as Lombardi Gras or Super Gras.  Excuse me!?!!? The last time I checked Lombardi Gras/Super Gras already rolled through the streets on New Orleans. It  was kicked off by Jim Henderson’s call of Payton Manning’s last incomplete pass in  Super Bowl  XLIV

“Look at Sean Payton, Joe Vitt embracing on the sideline, the photographers running over there to get that shot. Get ready to party with the Lombardi, New Orleans! The miracle in Miami has happened! The Saints have won the Super Bowl!”

Not that we don’t appreciate the adoration of the NFL (sans Goodell) or the national media, but that ship as already sailed. To say that this is Lombardi Gras or even Super Gras  would not only be incorrect, but a slight to all of us who know and love the Saints.  I know with every conviction in my heart that the city of New Orleans won’t be handing the keys of the  city to either team along with a parade route with confetti attached. It’s nothing personal, but we keep right to pass out the precious titles that are only bestowed to those people and times which deserve them in New Orleans, not visitors.  How could Lombardi Gras happen without the Saints being involved? It couldn’t and that’s why this Mardi Gras season is just that, Mardi Gras. Lombardi Gras for those who were there and live in the city is a cherished and treasured time that will burn eternally in our thought and hearts.  Don’t drink the Kool-Aid it’s got a funny taste to it, like it’s missing hometown flavor

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  1. There was only one Lombardi Gras, my hangover could vouch for me.


  2. So right! NOLA already had its Lombardi Gras when our great Saints team won the Superbowl. This is Mardi Gras. But the people will still be a having a lot of fun in NOLA!!! What a Great city!!!!
    Who Dat?!!!! We Dat!!!!


  3. So right! There already was a Lombardi Gras in NOLA, when our great team won the Superbowl! I will never ever forget that magical wonderful moment!!
    Glad to know that Egg! Lol!!!


  4. Like you said, “It’s nothing personal.”
    It is what it is … A New Orleans/Saints thing and Dats Dat !!!


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