CBS Decides To Deface New Orleans’ Jackson Statue As Mayor Gives The Thumbs Up

It's the Big Easy, not the Big Do What We Want

It’s the Big Easy, not the Big Do What We Want

When most people come to visit New Orleans  they  have a habit of losing it a little bit. For the most part they party have a good time, maybe make a few bad choices and go home. Apparently CBS felt that they were given Carte Blanche when they stepped out of their news vans in Jackson Square.  This is the Super Bowl, the biggest media event in western civilization and we as New Orleanians understand the zeal surrounding the event. Hell, it takes us hours to get around town now and we all take it with a few grains of salt, on our Margaritas.

Grains or mountains of salt or not there comes a point in which we say enough is enough. In New Orleans it takes a substantial amount to get there.  CBS’s  “The Talk”  show felt the need to deface the statue of former President Andrew Jackson. The statue of former President Andrew Jackson was placed in Jackson Square in 1856, long before CBS was a thought in someone’s mind. Why is it that this was ok to do then?  During the inauguration of Barack Obama the television companies didn’t feel the need to drape a banner over the Washington Monument did they? Does Washington D.C. command more respect than New Orleans?

New Orleans was founded in 1718 by the French and has played a vital role in American history.  President Andrew Jackson (March 4, 1829 – March 4, 1837) played a vital role in shaping America and in beating the British out of New Orleans.  The respect given to this statue and the surrounding  park goes without saying. Why in God’s name was this allowed to happen? I know there are those out there saying it’s just for a little while and a TV show so  just relax.  There are those out there who will say that, but how would you feel if the entire media world descended on your town and plastered signs over your most coveted historical sites? Not so nonchalant anymore are we? That’s just isn’t it?

Millions of people will come to New Orleans and lose their minds. Do we care? Usually we don’t as long as you don’t act the fool too bad. If that’s the case then the NOPD will take care of you and you’ll spend a 3 day weekend in our beautiful detention centers. It’s the Big Easy, we take our time eating, drinking and driving.  Apparently New Orleans  Mayor Mitch Landrieu  took that Big Easy attitude a little to far as he tweeted the following to @lunanola  after she objected to the sign being up on Jackson’s statue


I’m all for rolling out the carpet for the national and international media to make New Orleans their playground for a week, but this is too far.  What twists the knife a little more is the fact that our Mayor decides to give the thumbs up to making  New Orleans look like the outfield wall at a  Yankees stadium.

At 8pm CST the sign was down but the damage is already done. If CBS wants to save any face on the issue they can issue a joint statement with Mayor Landrieu on the 8 am news. Don’t hold your breathe. I’m not.

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  1. what the hell??!! this is New orlean’s statue of liberty right there!!
    unbeliveable. Mitch Boy has alot to answer to .


  2. Mitch you’ve shown yourself to be an arse kisser…..must be how you got the job huh!


  3. I cannot believe the leadership of NOLA would let this happen.


  4. i don’t even want to hear about the talk. it means “NOTHING” to me thank you.


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