Why The Saints Don’t Need Pete Carmichael Jr.


The  New Orleans Saints might be on the upward climb towards an off-season where they have may  to find a new offensive coordinator. Pete Carmichael Jr is being looked at by the Chicago Bears and that may not be a bad thing. While Carmichael Jr. has been with the Saints since 2006. Carmichael worked his way through the ranks with the New Orleans Saints from Quarterbacks Coach (2006) to Offensive Coordinator (2009-present). While the Saints offense has thrived and dominated the league not all that glitters is not  golden.

The Saints running game isn’t anywhere near the juggernaut the passing game is. That’s understandable for many Saints fans as the NFL has become a pass driven league. The problem many have with the Saints offense is that the running game hasn’t set up passing games. Since 2006 the Saints rushing attack has ranked 6th, 19th, 28th, and 25th overall in the league. The rushing attack only placed 6th twice and both times resulted in deep runs into the playoffs and garnered one Super Bowl Ring.  In the time span Carmichael Jr. has been with the Saints the rushing attack has averaged over 100 yards per game for the season only three times. All three times the Saints made the playoffs. To say that the rushing attack is important to the Saints success in the league is an understatement.

Whether or not the Saints retain Carmichael Jr. could be a moot point. Now more than ever it’s imperative that the Saints have a running game that can at least keep opposing defenses honest. In the seasons where the Saints rushing game was at the worse 19th (2006) Brees was at his best. This is in direct correlation to the pressure Drew Brees feels to carry the team and literally out of the pocket.  If the Saints hope to repeat their Super Bowl winning ways it they will have to do it on the heels of their running backs as well as Brees’ arm. If Carmichael Jr. thinks that he can just lay it all on Brees he is sadly mistaken. The Saints’  offense is in need of some changes whether or not  their offensive coordinator stays or not.

The Saints drafted Heisman Trophy Winner Mark Ingram from Alabama in the 2011 Draft. The Saints by doing this made a statement by committing to improving their rushing attack.  The Saints got Ingram by trading their second round pick in 2011 and 2012’s  first round to the Patriots. So far the Saints fans have yet to see Ingram emerge as the premier back they have hoped for. This is mainly in part because the Saints have more running backs than Jay Leno has cars. The Saints have made all the right moves to signal they are serious about giving Drew Brees the help he needs to give the Saints fans a coveted second ring. No matter Carmichael Jr. stays or not there has to be some kind of fundamental change in the Saints’ offense. The result without any change is likely to leave Saints fans and players wanting at the end of next season.

Now the rest of the NFL has come calling for Pete Carmichael Jr. as he has ridden the coattails of Brees’ success. Or has he? Drew Brees is without a doubt one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks of our time. If you take that into consideration and make that part of your conscience consider the following. Doug Marrone the current Head Coach at Syracuse and the former  Saints Offensive Coordinator from 2006-2008 helped lead the Saints new-found success. In the process Marrone game-planned  Brees into the top quarterback position of the league in 2006 and 2008. In 2007 Brees trailed only Tom Brady. If the Saints or the Saints’ fans think they need Pete Carmichael Jr. they might want to reassess that thinking. It is quiet possible that it is Carmichael Jr. who needs the Saints and Drew Brees to look good.



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