Goodell Hits Brees Where It Hurts The Most

Drew Brees will be on the outside looking in this year for the Pro Bowl

Drew Brees will be on the outside looking in this year for the Pro Bowl

This is pure stupidity, to put it plainly. The New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees has been passed over for Robert Griffin III. This is the first time a rookie quarterback has ever been selected to the Pro Bowl.  Well, that’s a way to make everyone not even think that your personal vendetta isn’t affecting your judgment. Roger Goodell’s blatant abuse of power was on display for much of the season as he punished the Saints. The Saints’ season was a bust from the word ‘go’. They lost to rookie RGIII in the opener in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. This was followed by a loss in overtime to the Kansas City Chiefs. In all reality, the Saints had a snowball’s chance to get to the playoffs. Given the circumstances surrounding their team like a bad thunderstorm, the Saints could consider themselves lucky to even be in the bottom part of the playoff hunt late in the season. The New Orleans Saints were the unwilling victims of Roger Goodell’s Ponzi scheme to assassinate their character, taint their Super Bowl run, and crucify their playoff chances.  In the face of all that stood the New Orleans Saints’ leader, Drew Brees. Sure, Brees leads the league in interceptions, but he also led the league in some categories that get overlooked. Drew Brees leads the league in the following besides interceptions: he leads in passing yards 4,781; he leads in touchdowns 39; and he leads in yards per Game 319.

You may argue that the offensive coordinator didn’t get suspended or the playbook hadn’t changed. I’d agree with you on that except for one little detail. Sean Payton calls all the offensive plays when he holds the clipboard and without him, the creativity isn’t there. Brees and Payton are lethal together and as you can see not so much without each other on the field.  This is Montana without Walsh, Warner without Vermeil and Brady without Belichick. Say what you will, but find me a quarterback who has to carry the whole team the whole season that would do as well. The Saints’ defense isn’t bringing back echoes of the Dome Patrol either. If anything, the Saints’ defense looked more like the Gnome Patrol this year. The Saints gave up 1st wins to the Redskins, Panthers, and Chiefs. Brees can only do so much.

If you think that Goodell didn’t have anything to do with this then I’d like to sell you some beachfront property in Arizona. Roger Goodell has had a personal beef with the New Orleans Saints and their players. It’s hard to believe that the highest office wanted Brees in the Pro Bowl after being slapped in the face by his predecessor for acting irresponsibly with his power. No, this has ‘personal’ written all over it, period. Even after the suspensions were dropped, Goodell still stood defiant in the wake of the judgement levied by Paul Tagilabue. Drew Brees was one of the more vocal players who had a few choice words for Goodell. Even though Brees wasn’t involved, it still looks like he has taken a hit for his stance on Goodell’s impunity. If you think I’m a conspiracy theorist, then you’re naive in my opinion. I understand that the Pro Bowl is for the best players in their position for that year. Sure, Brees could’ve thrown fewer interceptions and played better, but how much do you lay at the feet of one player for a whole team’s play? Would Tom Brady thrust into the same situation be better? Would Aaron Rodgers do better throughout an ordeal like this? Maybe Payton Manning would do equally as well, but even then it’s questionable.

Why is it that the quarterback who leads the league in passing yards, touchdowns thrown and yards per game not in the Pro Bowl? Interceptions, ah yes, the great equalizer. Excuse me but he is leading the league in 3 categories, 9th overall in passer rating and one of the elite passers in the league. If I don’t have you convinced yet, let me ask you this. What’s the difference between Matt Ryan and Drew Brees? Not going to the playoffs, not in the Pro Bowl and not on the verge of a Super Bowl are some things that come to mind. There is one thing you’re leaving out. Matt Ryan in all his greatness is only 4 interceptions away from being tied with Brees for the season.

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  1. There’s no doubt, Brees not going to the pro bowl is a result of his public speaking of badell and his strong opinions of the bounty snafu. You make a great point about the other qbs and how would they hold up in this situation. Brees is far ahead of them in that category. His ability to stay positive in adverse circumstances is second to none.I think Brees should be in the MVP talk WAY before Peyton Manning. I always herd that the MVP was based on the premise, if you take that player away, how successful would that team be? Take away manning and mike McCoy puts Orton in the pro bowl. Take away manning and TIm (I can’t throw) tebow not only takes you to the playoffs, but wins a game. Broncos have a great defense. Matt Moore could have lead the broncos to ten wins. Now take away Brees from the saints this year and enter matt Moore. The saints might be able to win one game. Brees is more valuable to his team than arguably anybody in the league.


  2. Excellent -very well said! I can see and hear you are a common sense speaker and writer. America is in dire need of people such as yourself in Washington DC. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


  3. You know what?!? He has money & should go there just to smile at Goodell & shake his hand. (If Goodell is there!) I’d love to see the steam come out of Goodell’s ears…


  4. Jesus Christ you’re a bunch of whiners. STFU and get over it already.


  5. The only reason they were so brutal is because they didn’t want the saints in the super bowl when it’s going to be held in New Orleans DURING Mardi Gras.


  6. NOLA, it is time to stop pointing fingers and start accepting the reason you are in this situation. You lied. Yes, Saints you lied to the powers to be aka Goodell and he let you have it. Case closed.
    Drew was passed up, because this year, and I stress this year he was not one of the best QB’s in the league.
    So Saints fans, stop whining, accept your punishment and get ready for next year. I am sick of hearing about why you didn’t win. A sign of a great team is stepping up in the face of adversity. The Saints did not do it. It’s that simple.


  7. I am a Seattle fan and I can understand completely. When we finally win a Super Bowl, they will, somehow, turn it into a farce.


  8. I love Drew, I live in New Orleans but Drew did throw a lot of interceptions, 2nd most in the nfl I think and 5 of them in one game, he is a great quarterback but this year was probably his worst.


  9. Well said! The Aint’s brought this on themselves and are just upset they got busted.


  10. You forgot dishonouring SP’s contract…

    Fuck goodell.

    Our season is done. Next season is all about revenge, and I reckon Sean wants it far more than Drew.

    SB bound again…

    We just have to make sure the dirty birds don’t play in our Dome if they’re not playing us!


  11. For a team that didn’t have any coach for half the season and then an assistant coach for the last half, I’d like to see ANY other NFL team do half as good as the Saints have done under these circumstances! Goodell tried to crush this team for his own personal reasons but it just didn’t work! Whether or not Brees goes to the ProBowl, he will always be more of a professional than Goodell. Jealously is an ugly green monster and Mr. Goodell your true colors are showing. Shame, shame on you! You are acting like an immature 5 year old! You will never be man enough to fill the shoes of any of the Saints players especially Drew Bree’s and Sean Payton. Maybe the NFL is not the professional organization it portrays itself to be, since it employs people as yourself, pathetic people that is!


  12. I loved the article, you made a lot of great points. I am looking forward to the 2013-14 season, It’s on. Goodell is Foolish and full of Pride. Let his ego take him where he is already headed. WHODAT4LIFE!


  13. dennis a. papaleo

    People keep saying that we did something and that way pay for performance and a dozen ex pro players that we have spoken with all said the same thing and that was the teams they all played did exactly the same thing. P.S. San Fran knocked out Pierre Thomas in the 1st qtr with a helmet to helmet hit and caused a concussion. then the next week New York Giants players state they knew that San Fran.s punter had 2 previous concussions so they were aware of that and tried to make sure they hit him hard which caused his fumbles. All of this goes on on Natl T.V. interviews and Mr. NoDell of the N.F.L. does nothing. He has his vendetta for the Saints and this clearly showed it.


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