Why The SEC’s Powerhouse Dynasty Can’t Be Overlooked

From left to right 11′ Bama , 10′ Auburn, 09′ Bama, 08′ FLA, 07′ LSU, 06′ FLA

We’ve heard it all.  Overrated, over-hyped and the BCS sweethearts. The SEC and all those in it have taken it on the chin this year. Much to the chagrin of those who would like to see the SEC get deep-sixed for the season will have to wait for college football edition 2013 to see it happen. On a night when all eyes watching had been hoping for an SEC-less title game the unthinkable happened. Both top non-SEC teams (#2 Ducks &  #1 Wildcats)  lost within minutes of each other and opened the door for the SEC.  It has been heavily debated in the past season(s) if the SEC is the best conference in college football.  Once again the South Eastern Conference has landed back  in the center of the college football universe. No one in their right mind could have guessed that Kansas State and Oregon would lose on the same night simultaneously ruining their chances for a shot at lifting the crystal ball on January 7th in Miami.

All of a sudden the once shutout SEC has had the red carpet rolled out for them to the national title game. At the very least one SEC team will be making a trip to south Florida . If Notre Dame can hold up their end of the bargain and get past USC they will be the team in waiting.  Notre Dame will be seen as the Dutch boy with his finger in the dam holding back whichever SEC team comes calling. The tale of the little Dutch boy holding his finger in the dam is a myth. Another myth of late is that Fighting Irish  have returned to the glory days of old. One great season doesn’t make a dynasty.  Not one or two but, how about 6 seasons? The SEC is poised to make their seventh straight national title game appearance. Making a dynasty is hard, it’s even harder today as a college football program. You have kids leaving every year for the NFL, other programs recruiting,  and an assortment of issues that make college football programs one of the hardest venues to create a dynasty. That’s why the SEC stands out so much. The SEC has finally figured out the best answer to this aged old question in college football. How does one build a powerhouse dynasty year after year to make the title game? You do it with an entire conference not just one team. Since the inception of the BCS the SEC has won  8 National BCS Titles. That’s two more than all the other conferences combined who have won.  The pundits say they’re given the benefit of the doubt  and they get the nod ahead of other conferences because of their past seasons.  I’ll agree with the idea that last year’s champs aren’t better for winning it all but, they can’t be thrown away or pushed aside so easily. Consider this, the SEC has outscored their opponents  183 to 92 collectively in the  BCS National Title games since 2006.  Not exactly  hotly contested games there all the time.. How do you argue with those numbers? You can’t  and if you tried you are only fooling yourself.  The SEC is the powerhouse of college football and may be for some time. While there are other conferences out there the SEC stands heads and shoulders above the rest. There are six seasons to prove this point since 2005 and this year is shaping up to be no different. That’s what other conferences don’t get, the SEC doesn’t have a down year. Take a look at the Tennessee Volunteers whose dismal record in the SEC is 0-7 this year. Then take a look at their non-conference record, 4-0.  Tennessee won against Troy, Georgia State, and Akron. OK, teams they were supposed to beat , no problem.  Then the Volunteers beat NC State(35-21) who aren’t exactly world beaters but, they have held their own this year in the ACC. The SEC teams week in and out pop each other in the mouth and brawl like two brothers in the front yard. What about Johnny Manziel and Texas A & M you say? They did beat Alabama  in a way no one else has in a couple of years. That’s not a weakness. Johnny Manziel in all reality is heading the discussion for being the top quarterback in all of college football and will have a real shot at winning the Heisman.  Alabama’s only loss  was at home to Texas A & M.  The Crimson Tide’s  record is a microcosm of what the SEC symbolizes and presents teams in the toughest football conference. You can’t take a week off in the SEC and if you do you will pay for it.  The rest of the nation will find out what we already know in the SEC on January 7th. It doesn’t matter if you are playing Georgia, LSU, A & M, Florida, or Alabama. You have to bring your best effort period.  The rest of the hater nation will have to wait and see. I guarantee you this, if the SEC is invited to the title game they won’t be leaving empty-handed. Not because their college football sweethearts but, because the SEC is the dynasty that every other conference wishes they were. Need a reason to believe in that? How about believing in the number six? As in 6 straight BCS titles held by the SEC since the 2006.


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  1. Everyone talks about the ‘beatdown” of Alabama by Texas A&M, yet Bama was one pass and a few yards away from beating Manziel. Also they held him and except for an offsides on Bama on the punt with 30 seconds left, they would have had another chance from the fifty to win the game. That was one week after playing and coming back from a very physical and emotional game against LSU. What has Notre Dame done to compare?


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