Take This Flag & Shove It!



Happy Memorial Day!!  I’d like to thank all those who have served before us and are currently doing so now. Our nation’s freedom have been hoisted up and given to our citizens on the shoulders of the brave men and women who have given some or all.  The images of service men and women putting flags out on the graves of the fallen is a dear and loving reminder to us all that their service is not forgotten. Many politicians will give a speech and raise their hands in salute to those who have made their careers possible. Others will swear by their careers they will make right the mistreatment suffered by veterans who live in the long shadow cast by the wars they have served in.

On this Memorial Day I hope that the elected members of this country  show true courage in the face of what seems insurmountable odds, much like the soldiers and sailors who have given their all. Not the usually plea for bringing our troops home or that no more wars will ever be fought. I am a realist and excepting these things to happen is like expecting to win the lottery without buying a ticket, good luck.

This Memorial Day my wish and hope has nothing to do with fake courage displayed by our politicians.  A display of courage (if that’s what you call sitting in a seat of inscrutable power totally safe from harm’s reach) to get to the bottom of how our American heroes have been “wronged”. Instead, my hope and wish is that our leaders display true courage to stand up to those who would send American men and women into harm’s way for  ulterior motives other than securing the lives of those threatened in a legitimate way. I hope politicians have the guts to stand  up to big business and the elite rich in this country who have nothing but visions of dollars dancing in their heads propped up by our Armed Forces.  The wars fought by this country in the past several decades haven’t been fought out the pure and clear concern for freedom. Underneath the bullshit they want us to believe is a river of money leading straight to the pockets of American conglomerates, private businesses and businessmen.

Hail the victorious dead! Right? Sure, but what have we accomplished?  Over six thousand have died in Iraq to support a mission everyone is still trying to figure what the goal was other than to see Saddam Hussein dead and deposed.  Well over two thousand have died in Afghanistan in war that has dragged on. For what purpose do they serve?  Assuming we leave this year what have we accomplished? Call me unpatriotic or pessimistic but, what have we accomplished in these two very separate wars? Thousands of service men and women are dead, hundreds of thousands of civilians have been killed as well and to what end? Gas prices haven’t decreased, meanwhile the net worth of several American companies and select individuals has skyrocketed.  The Department of Defense budget is a whopping 495.5 billion dollars while the Department of Education requested budget for the year of 2015 is a paltry 68.6 billion dollars.  That means for every dollar spent on a book by this country seven are spent on a tank, a plane or a drone.   We can’t keep functioning like this as a country and expect good things to come of it. I have no qualm with sending our brave troops and sailors to war for legitimate reasons (ie: WWII, WWI) but, not for this as of late (Iraq, Afghanistan even Vietnam).

If the politicians want to make a real stand in Washington this Memorial Day, tell the American companies and business owners no more. No more will we stand idly by as our men and women are lining the cemeteries of this country as you line your pockets. No longer will we sit and watch our country go to the highest paying lobbyists of guns, tanks, and war planes. If you want to truly honor the heroic dead of this country tell those lobbyist where they can stick their flag and give this country back to its citizens.

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