Are You Ready???



The long night of the off-season is coming to a close as the New Orleans Saints and their fans fill their hearts, mugs and the hotel rooms of White Sulphur Springs West Virginia. In the times Since Saints last lost to the eventually Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks we have seen Lebron go back home, World Cup fever, and Micheal Sam get drafted. All that fades away now as the boys in black and gold prepare to take the field for the first time for the 2014-2015 season. Continue reading

Who Is Manase Foketi?



Undrafted free agent Manase Foketi OG also known as “Mt. Foketi”  signed with the Saints today. He  is 6′ 5  and weighing in at 318 pounds. While he came from West Texas A & M that’s far from where he started.  Foketi faced a promising career at Kansas State until he was injured. In 2010 Foketi started Continue reading

Michael Sam Shows Us What’s Wrong With The NFL

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Let’s get this straight. Michael Sam didn’t  hit a pedestrian while drunk and  driving home after smoking a joint, Donte Stallworth did.  Michael Sam wasn’t at the center of a double murder trial where he was a main suspect, Ray Lewis was. Michael Sam didn’t knock his fiancée unconscious in an elevator, Ray Rice did.   Let’s lay it out here for us to get this right. Did Michael Sam Continue reading