Arthur Blank is leading the Falcons into another season of futility

The New Orleans Saints and they’re continuous winning ways apparently isn’t enough motivation for the Falcons or their owner. In the latest chapter of the Falcons’ “we wish we were the Saints” saga Falcons’ owner  Arthur Blank  has taken issue with Continue reading

Who Cares It’s Just The Saints Says The NFL


Remember back in the day when players could really hit each other? The type of hits that make your teeth hurt and you’re just sitting on your couch watching the game.  Man, I miss those da……..wait, they never went away? Continue reading

The NFL Is Morally Corrupt, Not DeSean Jackson

DeSean jackson

The recent release of DeSean Jackson by the Eagles and the lack of willingness to sign him by many NFL teams is the tip of the iceberg of a bigger problem in the NFL. The NFL front office and Roger Goodell would love you to believe that the NFL is full of a bunch of Continue reading